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Marc Hannah & Shannon T. Hannah, LCPC gave their hearts to the Lord in 1998, just a few months before they were married.  Shortly after getting married in April, they attended their first marriage retreat where they learned the importance and value of taking time to invest in one’s marriage.  Since then they felt the call to devote time and energy into discovering Biblical tools for healthy marriages, not only for their own  marriage, but  for the enrichment of others as well.  The Lord called them into ministry in 2001 at the Uprising Church in Hebron, MD to lead a young adult/college ministry which later became “Friday Night Fire.”  Then in October 2017, they started a new church in Fruitland, MD called R Church, where they currently pastor. 

Marc & Shannon have been doing pastoral ministry with single, engaged and married couples for the past 13 years.  They have worked with over 50 couples, performed over 60 weddings and have done relationship ministry with hundreds of singles.  Marc & Shannon have been blessed by the positive results they have seen with the singles and couples they have coached and are filled with joy to see couples thriving within their relationships.  They believe that with Jesus, every marriage can blossom – becoming successful, healthy and joyful no matter what it may look like at the present moment.

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Easy Life Coaching Testimonies


Pastor Marc and Shannon Hannah are amazing! This power couple is rare to find and such a God-send. When you say real-deal, this is who they are! Their motto: GET RIGHT, STAY RIGHT! They patiently and lovingly give us not only marital advice, but coach us up for life as well, so that we can overcome some of the obstacles we face. They taught us to first agree to seek God's prescribed way for marriage, even in heated-intense moments. The Hannah's changed our perspective on marriage with the focus shifting from selfish couple trying to get their needs filled, to a selfless couple serving each other with God's help. With this fundamental principle as the foundation, our marriage has been awesome. They are not just real and honest, but they personally invest their time, energy and love with anyone they counsel, and this approach will challenge you to be the best that God calls you to be. We honestly don't know where we would be spiritually, individually and collectively as a married couple without Marc and Shannon Hannah!

-Talareah Campbell, Coordinator of Student Athlete Services UMES


When I first began working with Marc, my life seemed a bit overwhelming. The combined pressures of moving to a new city, fatherhood and a new marriage had me not knowing what direction to go.  At times, every little task seemed insurmountable. During our sessions with Marc, I first realized he makes no judgements on people and that allowed me to open up completely.  Marc has taught me the challenges in my life are not my whole life. I was able to keep things in perspective and by doing so these challenges did not overwhelm me and I have the tools now to work through life challenges and make positive decisions.

-Errika & Fred Grant, Sales Premier Entertainment Atlanta